Instagram Publishes New Guide to Helping Businesses Make the Best Use of the Platform During COVID-19

Instagram has published the new COVID-19 Playbook for Businesses, which describes ways in which brands and marketers can make better use of the platform’s various tools to help them keep in touch with their audiences and increase performance during global epidemics. .

The guide contains specific tips for using each of Instagram’s functions, as well as an ‘how-to’ overview for each element.

The first section of the guide specifically looks at how brands can act during Kovid-19, using tools available on Instagram Live, IGTV, and Notes on Stories.

Instagram COVID-19 guide

These are some good hints and ideas – and while Instagram only touches on different ideas, the guide also offers a variety of real-world examples that you can check out for more inspiration.

The guide then provides more specific lecturers on each of the key aspects of the platform, with hints and thought breakouts on each, providing additional food for thought.

Instagram COVID-19 playbook

This is an easy explainer, mostly aimed at boosting your own thinking, as opposed to giving you a defined outline of what you are doing. And there are many options that you might not consider and pay attention to how you can use them to maintain a relationship with your business audience through the app.

Instagram COVID-19 guide

The guide is relatively brief – only 13 pages – but it packs a lot of good instructions and is worth checking out, even if you believe you have included all your bases in the app.

There may be something you haven’t thought of, a simple pointer that you’re thinking about.

Facebook released a similar guide earlier this month.

The guide is listed on Instagram’s new COVID-19 resource directory, which you can access here. The directory contains various Instagram posts and a list of guidelines on how to best use the platform during times of crisis.

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  1. Since everyone around the world is quarantining, this guide will be really helpful for small businesses.

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