How To Get Your First 1000 Real Roposo Followers?

Roposo is one of the largest fashion networks of India. This is a much-needed outlet for the young fashionistas of the country to showcase their sense of style and fashion. The Roposo fashion social network is a free platform which connects millions of users from all over the world who have the same taste in clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags and much more. It is a smart lifestyle option and repository of beauty tips which you should check out if you haven’t done so already. Here we will share some tips on how to get Roposo followers.

Roposo is India's leading video-sharing social networking ...

How Does Posting on Roposo Work?

It has an interactive user interface with scrapbooking options where you can post your ensembles, creations and DIY ideas for your followers to see and love. Much like other social networking sites, your popularity and the fame of your creations depend on upon the number of followers you have. Now having a few hundred followers on Facebook and Twitter might be a piece of cake, but acquiring trusted, verified members in a fashion forum may be a bit challenging for the fresh faces. So here we are, giving you a few tips to boost the number of followers to at least 500 on Roposo. Check out a few profiles with the highest number of followers and you notice some similarities in how they went about amassing such a following.

  1. See A Few Profiles With The Highest Number Of Followers
    They are great examples of successful Roposo users who have multiple posts and members. Many of these users have a pattern they follow. This may be related to the kind of posts, a niche of fashion or the style of language they use. It is important you see a few samples of their activities and their highest rated posts before stepping into the world of fashion blogging.
  2. Use Popular Hashtags
    This is a proven theory by now. It has been tested in Twitter and Instagram, and it should work in Roposo as well. Using hashtags instantly makes your posts available to the users who are specifically searching for those keywords. Studies and experiments have shown that using popular hashtags draw the attention of veteran users who follow you back. For example you need to find best Fashion for long trending fashion so you can search for #trendingfashion or best Digital Marketing Training profile so you search for #rakeshvmishra #DigitalMarketing
  3. Do Not Forget To Like And Comment On Other’s Posts
    All Roposo posts can be liked, shared and commented on directly from the Roposo app. So sharing your posts and replying to comments gets you more attention as is the norm for all social media platforms. Popularity on Roposo functions quite similar to other social media like Twitter or Instagram. More active accounts with more responses and shares gain a fair share of followers within the first few weeks.
  4. The Mark Of Originality
    Make sure you post original content. If you are new, and you keep borrowing ideas from Pinterest or Flickr, it will be impossible for you to gain dedicated followers. In short, be an ideal social media citizen. Steer clear of trash talking, bashing commenters and posting stories which are not your own. However posting your opinion about the latest red carpet fashion faux pas or comparing celebs with the same dress is, of course, most welcome. They make entertaining reads and hence boost your follower count as well.
  5. Reach Out To The Big Players
    Sometimes, although not always when you decide to follow a celeb or hashtag their accounts, they follow you back with all their glam and buzz. Following the star-studded members comes with the added advantage of receiving their expert comments on your posts. This is one of the easiest ways to get noticed by their followers and others who may be keeping an eye on the celebrity activities.
  6. Try And Post Relatable Content
    Do not become too niche with your fashion content. Not everyone understands haute couture, so if you want a mass following, you may need to dumb your content down to the standard of the masses. Avoid using big words, long sentences, and too many literary references. Most people use Roposo and follow the posts for quick updates on fashion. They do not have any inclination towards enhancing their vocabulary. Keep it simple, use a lot of hashtags and if possible reference your post to viral content or topics for maximizing profile visits.
  7. Most Importantly, Be Regular
    Although you do not need to follow stringent timings for being online, you may want to keep a regular amount of hours throughout the week dedicated only for your Roposo posting, blogging and replying.

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