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How to Get Organic Sales on Amazon India

Before spending anytime on growth hacking your listing, you should have the basics set up properly to maximize your efforts…

Here are the basics :

  • High Quality Product Photos
  • Keyword Optimized Title
  • Bullet Point & Description Copy that is “selling” the product, not just listing dimensions and other technical specs
  • Everything formatted properly and easy to read
  • Price is important. Make sure that you have a reasonable price. Otherwise, someone might end up stealing your buy box.
  • Give them clear picture that won’t pixelate whenever they zoomed in. People love pictures and they are a deciding factor to their decisions.
  • The title should be a summarize of the listing. Here, you should include important specifications. Put your primary keywords here.
  • The Bullet points expanded the specifications and attributes. Include relevant details and secondary keywords.
  • The Customized Content is the comprehensive part. Here you can add more details like videos, other pictures, how to use it, and many more. The more information, the better. Here, you can add keywords from Google keyword planner since this part will give you a chance to appear on Google searches.

Organic sales or searches means you appeared on Amazon’s page results without any ads and got an order. It’s actually a mystery how Amazon search algorithm works but there are some claims that stuffing your listing with long-tail keywords with less search volumes can do the trick.

However, search is not enough. You should be able to covert the impressions and clicks to sales since Amazon also prioritizes listings with good sales.

How can you do this? Since a large percentage of Amazon searchers are people with high buying intent, they read — a lot. So, giving high-quality and comprehensive product description.

Now that you have your listing properly set up, there are a couple things you can do to increase your CTR ( click through rate ) and conversion rate

The FIRST thing you could do is add a coupon that displays on your listing

You can set this up in Seller Central and it will look like this in the search results

This will increase your CTR, bringing more potential customers to your listing…

So if you have the margin to set this up, it will also increase your conversion rate since customers love saving money

Another HACK would be getting the Amazon’s Choice Badge

This will be harder for bigger / shorter keywords, so find long-tail keywords that are relevant to your product and advertise on those keywords

You also won’t need a ton of reviews for these long-tail keywords either

In this example they only have 20 reviews

The last HACK would be getting the New Release Badge or Best Seller Badge

You can do this by strategically picking what SUB category to place you product in… make sure it is still relevant to your product though

Check other competing products and run Jungle Scout on the SUB category page to see which one would be easier to get the badge in…

The New Release Badge will DRAMATICALLY increase your conversion rate

There are plenty more ways to increase your CTR and conversion rate but those are highly effective and pretty easy to implement!

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