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Pay per click is the most popular form of online advertising that drives traffic to websites. In the pay-per-click model, advertisers pay publishers for clicking on ads. This model scares people, who are reluctant to pay for an unproductive display that pays.

 digital marketing has seen new trends in the form of social media and content optimization, pay-per-click is still considered an effective way to reach potential customers through word of mouth marketing. market. Pay-per-click ads can be displayed on the top right of search results like Google and Yahoo. These ads can be extended to web pages, blogs and portals where relevant and relevant content is posted. We develop appropriate and achievable strategies to increase your search engine ranking, outrank your competitors, and cost per click. We empower our clients’ websites and search engine rankings by providing effective keywords that match products, services and portfolios. Our marketing strategy can be effective and efficient. Our unique approach helps to get the best results for your ads by first identifying the keywords that perform best, then allocating a larger share of the budget to the top performing keywords. while allocating less money to high-performing keywords. As a result, the rate of return on investment is improved.

Remarketing is effective because it involves placing a cookie on the visitor’s browser. This allows your banner ad to “follow” the visitor on the web, encouraging them to visit your website. Marketing referrals have been shown to increase conversions for SMBs.

Our PPC Management services include:

  • Google Adwords Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Research
  • Managing Bids
  • A cost-effective strategy for a profitable ROI
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Attracting traffic by effective ad management
  • Landing Page Consultation
  • Micro Targeting using filters like age, gender, location & interest
  • Google Search Campaigns
  • Google Display campaigns
  • Google Universal App Campaigns
  • Google Analytics through setting up goals and funnels
  • Third-Party Analytics like clicky
  • Sales & Conversion Campaigns
  • Google Remarketing Campaigns
  • Location-based campaigns using geofencing
  • Dynamic ads in Google Search & Display campaigns
  • Google shopping campaigns
  • Weekly/monthly reports
  • Competitive Analysis

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