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Website reports and analytics feature detailed reports on visitors, customer segments, visitor loyalty, key metrics, and other market intelligence statistics. Analytics provides a clear overview of customer behavior by recording dates of unique visitors, page views, repeat visitors, new visitors and displays etc. India is one of the most popular markets for digital analytics, big data, data science and web reporting. Many Indian companies from start-ups to large brands have started applying research for better understanding of forecasting and for various aspects related to customer understanding. Organizations use a combination of CRM and advanced analytics to optimize and track lead generation and conversion.

Our team has its niche in dealing with web analytics tools like Google Analytics and other popular analytics platforms. We provide detailed information and reports based on stats to improve your business with recommendations, insights and insightful recommendations. Using analytics, we study different traffic methods and provide detailed information on the performance and capabilities of the client’s website. India has seen a huge increase in the demand for research services due to high penetration of internet and adoption of technology by people through mobile phones.

Analytics & Dimensions

Descriptive Analytics: We can analyze metrics on various visitor segments, such as bounce rate, exit rate, location, age, gender, device, browser and content engagement rate.

Predictive Analytics: We can predict how users will support a politician or politician. Based on a large collection of data, we can predict the outcome.

Prescriptive Analytics:
 We can get answers by going through data and analysis. Politicians or political parties can change or rethink the content plan by constantly reviewing the information.

In the era of Big Data, web reports and analytics help us understand and analyze large amounts of business data, social media activity reports, customer records, user data, performance data, structured and unstructured data.

Google Analytics & Business Intelligence Services

  • Search Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • On-Site analytics
  • Off-Site Analytics
  • Social Analytics
  • SEO Reports
  • Competitive Insights & Analytics
  • Paid Campaign Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Sentimental Analysis
  • Demand Forecasting & Potential Audience Reports
  • Brand Analysis in Social Media
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Google Trends and Industry Analysis

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